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Sustaining Her Objections to Fat

December 14, 1997|Irene Lacher

"What's funny is when they were trying to reach me to tell me I won it, my phone was disconnected. Ruth [Maleczech, Breuer's longtime spouse] walked over and nailed a note to the door. Believe me, I never knew what it was to have the relaxation a few bucks brings. I used to run from telephone to telephone to see if I got any work. Now I walk a little slower. I don't stop at the phones."


So you think gossip stinks? Wrong. It's spicy.

"It's the nature of the subject," says gossip expert Cindy Adams. "It can't be boring."

Coty's fragrance folk bottled the intangible and slapped the New York Post columnist's name on it. And now Adams is schlepping here and wide to spread the word. She sailed through L.A. recently to appear on "The Nanny" as a gossip maven.

Needless to say, our little town is a constant source of revelation, and even a die-hard celebrity information specialist like Adams was surprised by the understated Fran Drescher.

"I had thought she'd be a little bit bitchy," Adams trills. "She not only wasn't, she was so warm and so loving and the set was a gemutlicht little neighborhood."

Love ya, babe.

The lovefest took off the first day when Adams met Drescher's little family. "She brought her little Pomeranian, Chester, who sat on her lap. She was feeding him with her same spoon. They were eating from the same bowl of cereal."

Yum. For those who care to clone Adams' sense of style, here's a telling detail we recall from our earlier incarnation as a New Yorker. (We're in recovery now.) Adams used to run around wearing a ring whose stone stretched roughly from her pinky to her forefinger.

Adams refuses to deny it.

"My birth certificate, honey, was built on a bugle bead. I'm not understated. What can I tell you?"

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