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Holiday Health

For the Apple of Your Eye

December 15, 1997

The Better Vision Institute offers its "Top 10 Gifts List" to better say "Eye love you" for the holidays:

1. For newborns, a high-contrast mobile can encourage focusing, scanning, tracking and orienting.

2. For all infants, a sun hat to protect their eyes from UV rays.

3. Children may benefit from games that use visual similarities and differences, such as dominoes (ages 4 and older), "Candyland" (3 to 6), "Cootie" (3 and older) and "Perfection" (5 and older).

4. To encourage eye-hand coordination, try puzzles (4 and older), "Twister" (6 and older) and "Pick-Up-Stix" (7 and older).

5. For skiers and surfers, UV-protection sunglasses.

6. For athletes, sports goggles with polycarbonate lenses, which are shatter- and scratch-resistant and offer UV protection.

7. Computer screen filters reduce glare and minimize eye strain and fatigue.

8. Eye masks may have been a prop for film stars, but they have real value to tired and puffy eyes.

9. A soothing eye gel, such as the Body Shop's Elderflower Eye Gel, which contains witch hazel and elderflower extract.

10. For the adult in your life, reading glasses.

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