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This Tournament of Roses Crowns 4 Blooming Winners


Of all the rose varieties sold in America, J&P's pink Simplicity continues to dominate sales. In previous years, the color palette extended to white, red and yellow. In 1998, gardeners looking for a hedge effect can add Purple Simplicity to their landscapes.

The lavender-raspberry flowers have a mild fragrance, and the plants produce glossy dark-green foliage with strong disease resistance.

Another shrub option from J&P is Red Delicious, a 3-foot shrub with clear red, old-fashioned blooms. The heavily petaled flowers emit a fresh apple scent.

Fans of climbing roses can cheer because 1998 brings two outstanding new varieties--Cl. Berries 'n Cream and Cl. Shadow Dancer. Both will grow very well in Orange County.

Berries 'n Cream is a free-flowering, vigorous climber bearing masses of striped flowers with old rose pink and creamy white. Because it blooms on new and old wood, unlike many climbers that only bloom on old growth, the climber bears flowers even in the first year of planting. Biesiadecki values this rose for its strong long stems for cutting, excellent repeat flowering and mild apple fragrance.

Another workhorse of a climber is Cl. Shadow Dancer, the work of legendary hybridizer Ralph Moore of Visalia, who has won much acclaim with his miniature roses.

Shadow Dancer is a modest grower--8 feet in much of the nation, larger in sunny Orange County. Blooming on new and old wood, the plant produces ruffled clusters of large flowers swirled with two tones of pink. The glossy green foliage is disease resistant.


Talk and Tips

Gardeners can get help in selecting, caring for and pruning roses when the Orange County Rose Society and the city of Westminster hold a panel discussion and pruning demonstration Jan. 10-11 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Westminster Community Service and Recreation Building, 8200 Westminster Blvd. (310) 596-0017.

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