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California Municipal Bonds

December 30, 1997

T. Rowe Price & Associates tracks the yields of 20 California municipal bonds and the Bond Buyer Index of 40 national issues.

California index, Friday: 5.13%

Bond Buyer 40-bound index, Friday: 5.23%

Five Widely Held California Bonds:

Issue: Calif. general-obligation 10-yr

Coupon: (generic)

Maturity (generic)

Yield, Dec. 19: 4.47%

Yield, Friday: 4.45%


Issue: Calif. general-obligation 20-yr

Coupon: (generic)

Maturity (generic)

Yield, Dec. 19: 5.15

Yield, Friday: 5.12


Issue: Los Angeles MTA (insured)

Coupon: 5.50%

Maturity: 7/1/17

Yield, Dec 19: 5.15

Yield, Friday: 5.14


Issue: Calif. public works lease rev.

Coupon: 6.00

Maturity: 10/1/14

Yield, Dec. 19: 4.80

Yield, Friday: 4.85


Issue: San Fran. airport (insured)

Coupon: 5.65

Maturity: 5/1/24

Yield, Dec. 19: 5.17

Yield, Friday: 5.16

Source: T. Rowe Price & Associates in Baltimore, which manages a $150-million California bond fund

Note: All yields are as of 2 p.m. Friday. Yields are based on institutional trading, retail prices and a survey of California brokers. Yields offered to individual investors will vary.

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