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A La Carte


J. Pocker & Son is putting Paris on the map.

The firm, expert in art and framing since 1929, has secured the rights from renowned French publisher Claude Tchou to distribute his newly issued prints of the Turgot map of Paris.

The Turgot map of Paris is a series that gives an aerial perspective of the city with streets and buildings. As there was no satisfactory map of Paris available in the 18th century, Turgot felt the need to produce one, and it took him two years to do so.

The map is composed of 20 sheets, each 25 inches by 36 inches, and is packaged in a black linen portfolio that is 25 1/4 inches by 18 1/4 inches.

When all the sheets are aligned, it gives a bird's-eye view of the City of Lights, complete with fields of haystacks and farmers where buildings now exist.

The riverbanks are depicted with rowboats and strollers. There are formal garden plans behind the private townhouses of chic arrondissements.

The maps ($700, all 20 prints framed, price upon request), first published in 1739, are popular with collectors. They are also seen on coffee tables, in libraries or hung on walls as a focal point in a room.

Buildings such as the Church of St. Supice, the Elysee Palace and other easily recognizable points of interest can be located on the map.

The river Seine is the focal point of the maps and shows Paris at a time when there were fewer bridges in the city (12 as opposed to 35 today) and harbors on the river.

For more information, call (800) 443-3116.

In Store

Keep your food crisp and crunchy in Seal & Store, Le Creuset's new line of stackable food containers.

The containers, designed to protect foods from air and moisture, feature a sealing mechanism with a toggle-turn dial. When you turn the dial to the "lock" position, you can actually hear an airtight seal form.

The containers (about $6.50 to $25 each) are made of a combination of polystyrene and acrylic, which will not crack, emit or absorb odors. There are five sizes--two cups to 4 liters--available and the tops come in four colors (red, blue, green and white) to match Le Creuset's cookware.

Seal & Store containers are available at DeNault's in San Juan Capistrano, (714) 493-1031; San Clemente, (714) 492-3801; Laguna Niguel, (714) 495-3635; Mission Viejo, (714) 582-8767; and Rancho Santa Margarita, (714) 459-1500.

Flawless Flushing

Are you tired of jiggling the handle?

In a matter of minutes, you could be on your way to flawless flushing when you replace your faulty lever with one from Fluidmaster.

The Sure-Fit Toilet Tank Flush Lever by Fluidmaster, based in Anaheim, bends and trims to fit nearly every tank style.

To get a custom fit, simply slide in the lever, thread it on and hook it up. Three handle finishes are available (white, chrome and polished brass) and each lever features a choice of flapper-chain hookups at four inches, six inches and eight inches. Any excess length can be trimmed before installation and the self-tightening locknut won't loosen over time.

The Sure-Fit levers are available in hardware and home improvement centers throughout the county.

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