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A Pre-Lollapalooza Wallop

They are seminal punk; they are Devo; they put on overflowing back-to-back shows in a studio.


The scene you had to make this weekend wasn't at a club, but at a rehearsal studio in the far reaches of North Hollywood (at Vanowen and Vineland), where the guys of Devo proved they were indeed men on Sunday by performing two hot and sweaty back-to-back shows, a preview of the seminal New Wavers' Lollapalooza set (the group joins the tour this week for some Midwest dates).

Although the band invited friends and family to the shows, which took place at 3 and 6 p.m., word spread to fans and the large studio was brimming to capacity with those viewing the band, who dressed to impress--with black socks, jogging shorts and kneepads worn under Devo-issue jumpsuits. Among the guests who made the scene were the Police's Andy Summers, Hole's Eric Erlandson, Frank Black and members of Possum Dixon. . . .

System of a Down, an Armenian American band with a Rage Against the Machine kinda attitude, is making a big splash in local clubs--check it out tonight at the Opium Den in Hollywood and West Hollywood's Viper Room on July 30. . . .

Glaxa DT, a new club being launched by Richard Kaye--who operates Glaxa Studios in Silver Lake--is scheduled to open in downtown (thus, the DT) Los Angeles on July 26 with performances by Scenic, the Magic Pacer, Kill Whitie, the Get Hustle and a bunch o' other alternative artists. Formerly the Harbor Hotel, a venue built in the '20s, Glaxa DT is located at Third Street (between Main and Spring). For info call (213) 663-5295. . . .

DJ Paul V's supersonic dance party, Hubba Hubba, reopens at Rudolpho's in Silver Lake on July 25, and is scheduled to happen the fourth Friday of each month, thereafter. . . .

Cream, an industry mixer that takes place at Guy's in Beverly Hills on Thursdays, boasts visits by Scott Baio, Jermaine Dupri and more than a couple Triple X stars (think China Club, on a more intimate scale and without the bad music). FYI, Guy's is a month-old bar on Beverly Boulevard opened by the folks who operate Jerry's Deli. It's named for Guy Starkman, whose father owns Jerry's. Sounds like the new joint's serving up more than sandwiches.

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