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What happened on July 20, 1997









  • I am at work on a biography of Barbara Stanwyck, I...

  • Jurassic Con RICHARD ELLIS, Richard Ellis is the author of "Deep Atlantic," "Monsters of the Sea," "The Book of Whales," "Dolphins and Porpoises," "The Book of Sharkes," "Men and Whales" and "Great White Shark" with John McCosker

  • Deconstructing Modernism FREDERIC MORTON, Frederic Morton is the author of numerous books including "A Nervous Splendor: Vienna 1888-1889," "The Rothschilds" and "Crosstown Sabbath."

  • Endangered Species RUSSELL JACOBY, Russell Jacoby is the author, most recently, of "Dogmatic Wisdom: How the Culture Wars Divert Education and Distract America" and "The Last Intellectuals" and is a co-editor of "The Bell Curve Debate." He teaches in the departments of history and education at UCLA

  • Once Upon a Time DALE A. RUSSELL, Dale A. Russell is the author of "An Odyssey in Time: The Dinosaurs of North America." He is a dinosaur paleontologist at North Carolina State University and the North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences

  • Out of Africa DONALD JOHANSON, Donald Johanson is the author of numerous books, including "From Lucy to Language" (with Blake Edgar) and "Ancestors: The Search for Our Human Origins."

  • Harum-scarum MICHAEL SHERMER, Michael Shermer is the author of "Why People Believe Weird Things" (W. H. Freeman) and publisher of Skeptic magazine. He is the director of the Skeptics Society

  • Gender Bender ADAM MARS-JONES, Adam Mars-Jones is the author of "Monopolies of Loss" (Random House) and "The Waters of Thirst" (Alfred A. Knopf)

  • Light Reading SIDNEY PERKOWITZ, Sidney Perkowitz is author of "Empire of Light: A History of Discovery in Science and Art" (Henry Holt). He is Charles Howard Candler professor of physics at Emory University

  • Infinitive by Giacomo Leopardi

  • Willow In Spring Wind: A Showing by Jorie Graham



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