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Improving Student Achievement

July 27, 1997

Scott Wilk and his ilk need to rename themselves "Hypocrisy Incorporated" ("Breakup Backers Hit Plan to Aid 200 Schools," July 2).

Their real agenda has nothing to do with educational excellence.

They tar the entire LAUSD with the student achievement difficulties of schools like the "100 worst performing," then object that it may take resources away from Valley schools to do anything about those difficulties.

In fact, the West Valley, like the Westside and Harbor, already compares favorably with the rest of the state on all measures.

The entire LAUSD is already significantly above the state and county averages in percentage of high school students who matriculate into higher education and in the percentage of its students who qualify for college advanced placement.

To raise the achievement level of students in the "100" would create a significant improvement for the overall student achievement profile of the LAUSD.

But helping "those" students clearly does not interest Hypocrisy Incorporated. One wonders if helping students anywhere really does.

This is just more adult politics at the expense of children.



United Teachers-Los Angeles

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