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Indians, Cardinals Showing Interest in a Willing McGwire


The Cleveland Indians and St. Louis Cardinals are engaged in trade talks for Oakland slugger Mark McGwire, and the Athletics' first baseman said Sunday he would be open to a deal with either team, despite his preference to play for the Angels.

McGwire, whose 9-year-old son lives in Orange County, also indicated he would consider re-signing with the team that trades for him, which would make it even more difficult for the Angels to acquire him as a free agent this winter.

"My son is very, very important to me," McGwire told Bay Area reporters after Sunday's game in Cleveland. "You can want a lot of things, but just because you want something doesn't mean you'll get it. Just because I want to be in Southern California, near him, doesn't mean [I can be]."

Angel President Tony Tavares said he's reluctant to break up the core of the Angels by trading for McGwire, especially when they can bid on him as a free agent this winter, and that message has apparently gotten through to McGwire.

McGwire, who can veto any trade because he has played 10 years in the major leagues, five with the same team, said earlier this month he had no desire to play in the National League. But he indicated Sunday he would accept a trade to St. Louis if that was the only deal proposed.

"I've told myself, 'I think I might do it if it happens,' " McGwire said. "It would be a good chance to go to the postseason."

McGwire believes there's a "50-50 chance" he'll be traded this week, and after playing before capacity crowds all weekend in Jacobs Field, he seemed enthused about a potential deal to the Indians.

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