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Lawyer Complains About 2 State Flags in Plaza Display

October 22, 1997|JEFF KASS

Immigration attorney Rock Kendall doesn't live or work in Santa Ana.

But he has taken issue with the city over something that he says affects residents everywhere.

In Santa Ana's downtown civic center, the Plaza of the Flags flies the colors of every state, including Mississippi and Georgia, which incorporate the Confederate banner in their state flags.

"Today, for many Californians, the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate, a symbol of racism, a symbol of exclusion," Kendall, who lives in Dana Point, said in a written statement.

Cleve Williams, city director of parks and recreation, said the flag display was meant to beautify the plaza and instill national pride.

Williams said that while the county owns the land, the city maintains the plaza and will deal with the issue.

The Santa Ana Human Relations Commission is scheduled to take up the flags issue Nov. 10. Commissioners may then forward their recommendation to the City Council.

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