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Across the Generations

September 04, 1997

Generation Xers, in some areas at least, have more in common with retires people than with baby boomers. Here is a breakdown of how people from the three age groups responded to a recent attitude survey.


Identify more with...

"Jeopardy" vs. "Wheel of Fortune"

Matures: 46%

Boomers: 58%

Xers: 49%

Time alone vs. time with friends

Matures: 30%

Boomers: 39%

Xers: 29%

Old jeans vs. new jeans

Matures: 59%

Boomers: 67%

Xers: 52%

Local weather vs. national news

Matures: 38%

Boomers: 43%

Xers: 37%

* Note: A telephone survey of 300 boomers (33-51), 200 matures (51+) and 200 xers (19-32).

* Source: Yankelovich Partners and TBWA Chiat/Day.

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