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City Is Seeking Jurors for Teen Court Cases

September 05, 1997|SYLVIA L. OLIANDE

The city is looking for young people to serve as jurors in its Teen Court this month.

City officials said the monthly court hearings normally have enough jurors to hear the two or three cases scheduled each time, but they are trying to attract a wide range of panelists from the community.

The next meeting of the Teen Court--at which two cases will be heard--will begin at 4:30 p.m. Sept 18 at City Hall, 25135 Mureau Road.

Six panelists, who must be in high school, are seated in each case.

Jurors listen to evidence in each case, question the defendants and deliberate to make a decision on any penalties.

The cases are primarily first-time offenders referred to the court by the Lost Hills Sheriff's Station. Past cases have have included charges of shoplifting and marijuana possession, as well as a case involving teens throwing oranges at an elderly man, city officials said.

To apply to serve on a panel, call Recreation Supervisor Jeff Rubin at (818) 880-6461.

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