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What's New in Prime Time

The New TV Season. One in a series

September 08, 1997

A few prime-time series have trickled back onto the air in recent days, but most of the networks are only beginning to roll out their fall schedules this week. Here's a rundown of when to look for original episodes. New series are in bold:


"Melrose Place" (Fox)

"Ally McBeal" (Fox)


"Beverly Hills 90210" (Fox)

"The Sentinel" (UPN)

"Sister, Sister" (WB)

"Smart Guy" (WB)

"The Steve Harvey Show" (WB)


"20/20" (ABC)

"48 Hours" (CBS)

"Between Brothers" (Fox)

"413 Hope Street" (Fox)

"Living Single" (Fox)


"20/20" (ABC)

Sept. 15

"Cosby" (CBS)

"The Gregory Hines Show" (CBS)

"Michael Hayes" (CBS)

"George & Leo" (CBS)

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (WB)

"7th Heaven" (WB)

"Cybill" (CBS)

Sept. 17

"Party of Five" (Fox)

"The Wayans Bros." (WB)

Sept. 18

"Nothing Sacred" (ABC)

"Cracker" (ABC)

Sept. 19

"Nash Bridges" (CBS)

"Millennium" (Fox)

"The Visitor" (Fox)

"Meego" (CBS)

"Family Matters" (CBS)

"Step by Step" (CBS)

Sept. 20

"The Practice" (ABC)

Sept. 21

"The World's Funniest" (Fox)

"The Simpsons" (Fox)

"King of the Hill" (Fox)

"60 Minutes" (CBS)

"Touched by an Angel" (CBS)

"Sunday Movie" (CBS)

"Sunday Night at the Movies" (NBC)

"Sunday Night Movie" (ABC)

Sept. 22

"Suddenly Susan" (NBC)

"Fired Up" (NBC)

"Caroline in the City" (NBC)

"The Naked Truth" (NBC)

"Brooklyn South" (CBS)

"Timecop" (ABC)

"Everybody Loves Raymond" (CBS)

Sept. 23


"Home Improvement" (ABC)

"Clueless" (UPN)

"Dellaventura" (CBS)

"Over the Top" (ABC)

"Hiller and Diller" (ABC)

"Mad About You" (NBC)

"NewsRadio" (NBC)

"Frasier" (NBC)

"Just Shoot Me" (NBC)

"Tuesday Night Movie" (Fox)

Sept. 24

"3rd Rock From the Sun" (NBC)

"Law & Order" (NBC)

"The Tony Danza Show" (NBC)

"Built to Last" (NBC)

"Dharma & Greg" (ABC)

"Spin City" (ABC)

"The Drew Carey Show" (ABC)

"Ellen" (ABC)

Sept. 25

"Friends" (NBC)

"Seinfeld" (NBC)

"ER" (NBC)

"Union Square" (NBC)

"Veronica's Closet" (NBC)

"Diagnosis Murder" (CBS)

"Promised Land" (CBS)

Sept. 26

"You Wish" (ABC)

"Teen Angel" (ABC)

"Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" (ABC)

Sept. 27

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (CBS)

"Early Edition" (CBS)

"Walker, Texas Ranger" (CBS)

"Total Security" (ABC)

"C-16" (ABC)

Sept. 28

"Men Behaving Badly" (NBC)

"Jenny" (NBC)

"The Wonderful World of Disney" (ABC)

Sept. 30

"Soul Man" (ABC)

"NYPD Blue" (ABC)

Oct. 1

"The Nanny" (CBS)

"Murphy Brown" (CBS)

"Public Eye With Bryant Gumbel" (CBS)

"Chicago Hope" (CBS)

Oct. 3

"Boy Meets World" (ABC)

Oct. 8

"Working" (NBC)

Oct. 17

"Players" (NBC)

"Homicide: Life on the Street" (NBC)

Nov. 1

"The Pretender" (NBC)

"Sleepwalkers" (NBC)

"Profiler" (NBC)

(Fox has not yet set a return date for "The X-Files" but expects it to be in October. Also not listed here are series that already have premiered.)

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