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Here's Sampling of New Programming for Fall

September 08, 1997|NANCY CHURNIN

Software makers are striding into educational programming. Here are a few of the new products for fall:

- "My Personal Tutor: Preschool to First Grade" (Microsoft, $54.95). The four-part series addresses early reading and math skills for ages 3-5, 4-6 and 5-7 with a new TutorAssist technology. When a child makes errors that suggest difficulty with a concept, the animated Professor P.T. Presto helps with one of 100 tutorials.

- "ActiMates Interactive Barney" (Microsoft, $109.95). Geared to ages 2-5. Squeeze his hands to turn him on. Squeeze his feet to sing a song. With an additional PC pack ($64.95), he plugs into the computer and uses a 14,000-word vocabulary to encourage your child while he plays a Barney program. With a TV pack ($64.95), he plugs into your television to watch specially coded videos. Additional software titles are $34.95.

- "Mathquest Aladdin" (Disney, $35-$40). With Robin Williams as the genie, it features 18 math activities geared to 6- to 9-year-olds. Set for a Sept. 30 release.

- "Jumpstart Spanish" (Knowledge Adventure, $30). Latest in its list of Jumpstart titles. For years, educators have maintained that foreign languages are best learned in the elementary grades, but most public schools don't introduce language until later. Jumpstart fills the gap. More programs will be available this fall. Watch for rebates.

- Madeleine Classroom Companion: Preschool & Kindergarten and 1st & 2nd Grade (Creative Wonders, $29.99 each). For Madeleine fans.

- "The American Girls Premiere" (The Learning Company, $34.99). Based on The American Girls Collection series.

- Reader Rabbit Toddler, Preschool and Kindergarten programs (The Learning Company, $9.99 each with rebates).

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