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Name That Company

September 09, 1997

I got my start as a Dayton, Ohio, paper mill, and students snap up my notebooks every September. While Americans were grooving to the Bee Gees, I was busy introducing searchable news, business and legal databases. Along with school supplies, I also focus on copier paper and shipping containers. I make some academic types think of fermented honey and yeast drinks. Who am I?


Last Week's Trivia Answer

From my headquarters on Herald Plaza, I oversee news reporting operations across the United States and the world. This is a far cry from my early days in 1903, when a lawyer in shining armor switched careers to start me in Akron, Ohio. Observers and inquirers have followed me over the years, as I acquired some properties and rid myself of others. I have been listed several times as one of the 100 best companies to work for in America, and my earnings have grown about 26% per year over the last five years. Who am I?

(Answer: Knight-Ridder)

Our Los Angeles Times winner is ...

Ted Liu of Alhambra, who gets a copy of Kirk Kazanjian's "Wall Street's Picks for 1997."Buying Anxiety

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