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City Council Clout

A Guide to Council Members and Their Committees

September 14, 1997

Like many legislative bodies, the Los Angeles City Council performs much of its work through committees, and the committee chairperson can wield considerable power, speeding up proposed measures or stalling them.

Historically, the Public Safety, Budget and Finances, and Planning and Land Use Management panels have been the most influential committees.

City Council members don't stay on the same committees forever. In fact, committee assignements are made every two years and six standing committees changed leaders this time around.

Council President John Ferraro announced new assignments last month.

Mike Hernandez, 1st District

City Hall: (213) 485-3451

Lincoln Heights: (213) 485-0763

Chairperson: Community & Economic Development

Vice chairperson: Information Technology and General Services

Planning and Land Use


Joel Wachs, 2nd District

City Hall: (213) 485-3391

Van Nuys: (818) 756-8074

Sunland/Tujunga: (818) 352-3287

Chairperson: Government Efficiency

Vice chairperson: Transportation

Intergovernmental Relations


Laura Chick, 3rd District

City Hall: (213) 485-3486

Reseda: (818) 756-8848

Chairperson: Public Safety

Government Efficiency

Public Works


John Ferraro (president), 4th District

City Hall: (213) 485-3337

Toluca Lake: (818) 755-7630

Chairperson: Rules and Elections

Vice chairperson: Intergovernmental Relations

Commerce, Energy and Natural Resources


Mike Feuer, 5th District

City Hall: (213) 485-5013

Robertson district: (213) 847-4467

Valley district: (818) 756-8083

Chairperson: Arts, Health and Humanities

Vice chairperson: Budget and Finance

Public Safety


Ruth Galanter, 6th District

City Hall: (213) 485-3357

Westchester: (310) 524-1150

Chairperson: Commerce, Energy and Natural Resources

Vice chairperson: Rules and Elections

Environmental Quality and Waste Management


Richard Alarcon, 7th District

City Hall: (213) 485-3671

Pacoima: (818) 756-9115

Sylmar: (818) 756-8409

Sun Valley: (818) 756-7558

Chairperson: Transportation

Vice chairperson: Environmental Quality and Waste Management

Public Safety


Mark Ridley-Thomas, 8th District

City Hall: (213) 485-3331

Los Angeles: (213) 485-7616

Chairperson: Information Technology and General Services

Vice chairperson: Environmental Quality and Waste Management

Community & Economic Development


Rita Walters, 9th District

City Hall: (213) 485-3351

District 9: (213) 237-1088

Chairperson: Public Works

Vice chairperson: Budget and Finance

Housing and Community Redevelopment


Nate Holden, 10th District

City Hall: (213) 485-3323

Crenshaw: (213) 237-1752

Sr. Citizen Center: (213) 731-0849

Chairperson: Intergovernmental Relations

Vice chairperson: Arts, Health and Humanities



Cindy Miscikowski, 11th District

City Hall: (213) 485-3811

West L.A.: (310) 575-8461

Encino: (818) 756-8150

Chairperson: Environmental Quality and Waste Management

Vice chairperson: Planning and Land Use

Public Works


Hal Bernson, 12th District

City Hall: (213) 485-3343

Northridge: (818) 886-5210

Sylmar: (818) 756-8504

Information Technology and General Services


Planning and Land Use


Jackie Goldberg, 13th District

City Hall: (213) 485-3353

Silver Lake: (213) 913-4693

Chairperson: Personnel

Vice chairperson: Community & Economic Development

Rules and Elections


Richard Alatorre, 14th District

City Hall: (213) 485-3335

El Sereno: (213) 226-1646

Boyle Hts.: (213) 526-3059

Eagle Rock: (213) 254-5295

Chairperson: Budget and Finance

Arts, Health and Humanities

Housing and Community Redevelopment


Rudy Svorinich, 15th District

City Hall: (213) 485-3347

San Pedro: (310) 548-7637

Watts: (213) 485-3346

Chairperson: Housing and Community Redevelopment

Vice chairperson: Commerce, Energy and Natural Resources

Source: Council members' offices

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