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Love Poem of the Pyrenees, by Cyrus Cassells

September 21, 1997

In the hush after coupling,

calm's pearled cotillion,

we listen as if,

at an iridescent hour,

the Pyrenees themselves

could sing--

How simply it crests within us,

this heaven-in-the-other,

human, yet unsurpassed.

On this long night

of lilac and tobacco,

we praise its sweetness,

knowing the spiritless squander it

as maquillage,

or a pitiless scepter

in a place of incest--

Find the bell pull,

bring down the morning star

to allay us:

sex is a troubadour's pulse,

a song:

bivouac of twilight

bridge of mountain dawn.

From "Beautiful Signor" by Cyrus Cassells (Copper Canyon: 112 pp., $14) Copyright 1997 Reprinted by permission.

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