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The Net Take on Death, the Media and Sainthood

September 21, 1997

Excerpts from a conversation at about two recent deaths:

Retch1: farewell to two great women

dlisa: it's a shame that the media didn't give as much coverage to Mother Teresa's funeral as they did Diana's sudden death.

SFDELI1: i agree

MgBlssm: but Princess Diana was the paparazzi. she was media frenzy in itself. Mother Teresa was more for the people.

dlisa: doesn't make it right.

Dionica: anyone sign any condolence books?

Innsys: i did

Edl8840: same here.

Dionica: you can go to and send a cyber memorial message.

MgBlssm: it rained so much in Calcutta. shows definitely a day for mourning.

Dionica: thank God it was a state funeral.

soulboy: many couldn't get tickets to the funeral but thousands lined up. wish i could have been there.

RWGeorge: lets pray that they pass and make her a saint.

soulboy: Sister Nirmala her successor said her ambition was to become a saint.

dlisa: there was talk of making Diana a saint also. the nerve!

Defend60: her heart failed her body but the world will always have her heart in love.

RiorJJ: i met Mother T. but I didn't say anything to her. but we communicated when she looked at me.

RiorJJ: she was a small woman but you felt so much love from her.

dlisa: she felt so strongly about abortion along with the pope. . . . my favorite quote by Mother Teresa is "Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching it's people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want."

Far2far: mine is "Let's do something beautiful for God." I live by those words.

Nsys155: any other favorite quotes? Come on you guys.

RWGeorge: OK. "if we pray, we believe, if we believe we will love, if we love, we will share."

dlisa: "give until it hurts."

CLEMS101: "a nation that destroys the life of an unborn child, who has been created for living and loving, who has been created in the image of God, is in a tremendous poverty." I reading that from a book. :-)

Dionica: "We must make our homes centers of compassion and forgive endlessly." I reading that from a magazine story. LOL

Nsys155: "If you are humble nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are." I know this one by heart. :-)

dlisa: Mother Teresa lived like a pauper and died like a queen.


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