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He's Giving Dodgers Fits, and Enjoying It

Rockies: Jeff Reed knows what L.A. is going through, but that won't stop him beating them.


Jeff Reed said he didn't hope to torment the Dodgers, and he empathizes with what they're going through because he's been there before. But since things have worked out this way, Reed will just go with the flow.

And enjoy every bit of this.

You can't fault the veteran catcher for feeling especially good now after leading the Colorado Rockies to consecutive victories at Dodger Stadium. Reed is giving the Dodgers fits, and it's starting to show.

"They're tight," said Reed, whose run-scoring double in the eighth inning Saturday was the difference in the Rockies' 2-1 victory.

"This is a close race and all the pressure is on them now. We're just out there having fun and trying to win games. For them, every game is a big one now. It's very tough to play in those types of games."

Reed knows what he's talking about.

He was member of the 1993 San Francisco Giants, who lost the National League West title on the final day of the regular season to the Atlanta Braves. The Dodgers defeated the Giants in the teams' last game to help knock the Giants out of the race.

Although the memory of that loss still stings Reed, he repeatedly said he didn't start this series seeking revenge. However, Reed will take this.

"I'm not a big-name guy, so I'm sure I'm not the guy they figured would be a problem," said Reed, a 12-year journeyman. "They're trying to pitch around guys like Larry [Walker] and Vinny [Castilla], and then I get some big hits. It's not what you would expect."

But that's what has happened. Reed's performance Saturday also included stopping a potential Dodger run from scoring in the fourth inning when he tagged out Todd Zeile on a controversial play.

TV replays appeared to show that Reed at first missed Zeile while attempting a sweep tag. Home plate umpire Frank Pulli called Zeile out, but Reed tagged Zeile again just to be sure.

"I got burned on a play like that once in Atlanta," Reed said. "The last time, I didn't hear a call made but I thought I had the guy. I learned my lesson, so I don't take any more chances."

He hit two home runs in Colorado's 6-4 victory over the Dodgers on Friday to increase his season total to 16, a career high. Reed is batting .308 with 44 RBIs, which are also the best of his career in those categories.

Reed is a free agent at season's end, so his timing couldn't be better.

"This is the first time I've been in a situation like this," he said. "Everything is just going in the right direction for me now."

And in the opposite direction for the Dodgers.

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