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"Food, Sex & Relationships"

September 29, 1997|ROCHELLE O'GORMAN FLYNN

By Susie Bright, Mollie Katzen, Harriet Lerner, PhD.

Sounds True

Two cassettes

3 hours, $18.95

Read by the authors

Three hours with these women will not cure you of chocoholism, frigidity or that nagging Oedipus complex, but it will surely entertain you. It will also put you on the track of further helpful material.

Each woman is refreshingly bright and has something enlightening to say in her area of expertise. Lerner is the author of "Dance of Anger"; Katzen, the woman behind the Moosewood cookbooks; and Bright, a renowned sexpert.

The first cassette contains a taped lecture in which all three give short talks. The second tape contains a group discussion led by a moderator. The latter is a little annoying, as you cannot always tell who is speaking, but the content remains fascinating. If you believe that the best way to learn is to laugh, this audio should be on your shopping list.

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