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"Superimmunity: A Prescription for Health"

September 29, 1997|ROCHELLE O'GORMAN FLYNN

By Paul Pearsall, PhD

Audio Renaissance

Two cassettes

2 hours, $16.95

Read by the author

A much-condensed version of Pearsall's 1987 hardcover book of the same name, this is more user-friendly and far less dense than the original material. Two formats are used--Pearsall speaks directly to the listener, breaking away for segments of his pre-taped lectures. There is a noticeable difference in quality between the studio recorded talks and the muddier-sounding lectures, taped with an audience in attendance.

However, the lectures are quite humorous and lively. At other times, Pearsall tends to become cute and cloying, particularly with his predilection for anagrams. The production may be uneven but has enough in it to warrant a listen, as Pearsall does offer useful information about specific personality types.

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