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Angels' Season in Review : QUOTABLE : COACH'S CORNER

September 29, 1997

Top five quotes from Manager Terry Collins:

* Postscript of a crushing, 12-10, loss to Toronto, in which the Angels blew a three-run lead in the eighth inning on Sept. 8: "[General Manager] Billy [Bavasi] called me in Toronto and asked how I was doing. I told him, 'Well, I'm on the 24th floor of my hotel and my window's open.' Luckily, they were so little I couldn't fit through them."

* After learning, all in the same day, that Jim Edmonds had two knee ligament tears, reliever Mike James had elbow tendinitis and pitcher Mark Gubicza may be lost for the season: "Right now, if I see [Angel athletic trainer] Ned Bergert walking toward me, I get the shakes a little bit."

* On whether he maintained any superstitions during an Angel seven-game win streak: "I wore the same underwear for five years in the minor leagues and still hit .250 . . . so no, I don't believe in that stuff."

* Reaction when an Oriole public relations official called his office 2 1/2 hours before a game to inform him Baltimore had switched its rotation, starting a left-hander instead of a right-hander: "And I've got a little change for you, we're starting Nolan Ryan."

* After watching reliever Pep Harris do what could best be described as a bellyflop when attempting to slide into a 6-by-12-foot mat: "I've actually seen worse than that--I once had a guy miss the mat completely."


Top five quotes from pitcher Chuck Finley:

* On how the Angels might break out of their late-August slump: "Maybe we ought to hire a voodoo witch doctor to wave some garlic around here."

* On the extraordinarily ordinary appearance of pitcher Dennis Springer: "He looks like he ought to be waiting for a bus."

* On catcher Chad Kreuter after Kreuter had the caps on his front teeth knocked out in a collision with the Tiger Stadium dugout: "We've been calling him Jack . . . for Jack-O-Lantern."

* On giving up 10 runs on 15 hits in 12 innings of two road starts at Minnesota and Kansas City: "About all I've done on this trip is take up space."

* On plate umpire Mike Everitt's extremely liberal strike zone Sept. 7 in Detroit: "I've never seen a strike zone like that . . . Everitt is the kind of guy you'd like to put in your back pocket and haul around with you."


Four memorable quotes from shortstop Gary DiSarcina:

* On going 32 games without a walk: "Had it been that short a time? I basically stink. I have no idea what the strike zone is, I bat ninth, and I have terrible posture, but other than that . . . "

* On Dave Hollins, who hardly budged when a fastball hit him in the shoulder with the bases loaded, forcing in a run: "I think he's stone stupid. . . . I don't think he'd move if a ball was going right at his head. He'd just take the RBI and wobble to first. That's a Don Baylor move, a veteran move."

* On Finley's season-ending injury: "No doubt it's a crushing blow to us. To lose your No. 1 guy, your stopper who was on a hot streak . . . he was our answer to [Seattle ace] Randy Johnson. . . . When you're in a dogfight for 30 games you need your No. 1 guy.

* On whether the new corporate name for Anaheim Stadium, Edison Field, would be shortened to The Big E: "I hope not . . . for my sake."


* Dave Hollins on why he sometimes talks to himself: "Because I don't like a lot of idle chatter unless it's with myself . . . that way, there aren't a whole lot of arguments."

* Reliever Mike James on the rash of spring-training injuries: "I wish someone would take the hex off this team. They'd better check Anaheim Stadium to see if it wasn't built on some ancient Indian burial ground."

* Overheard on an April flight to Cleveland, where 40-degree temperatures awaited the Angels: "I love opening day in Cleveland . . . especially when the Zamboni comes out to clear the field."

* Chuck Finley on his prognosis after breaking a wrist bone: "Doctors aren't very good liars, I can tell you that. I got back to the stadium after my MRI and the doctors all had their heads down. I said, 'It's not good, is it?' They said, 'No, it's not good.' I need to find a doctor who can be paid off or bribed."

* Hollins, seeing the somewhat pale-skinned Darin Erstad emerge from the shower with a white towel around his waist: "Ersty, get a towel on! Oh, you've got one on."

* Tony Phillips after Jim Edmonds' remarkable June 10 catch in Kansas City: "That's the best catch I've ever seen . . . Willie Mays don't do stuff like that, I'm sorry."

* Erstad, a left-handed hitter, on the secret to going three for seven with a homer against the Mariners' Randy Johnson: "Close your eyes, hope to get your bat on the ball and get lucky . . . I just went up there and tried to see it and hit it. I didn't take it much deeper than that."

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