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Group Renews Recall Effort Against Mayor

April 01, 1998|LESLEY WRIGHT

The Orange Political Action Committee is launching a third strike in a recall drive against Mayor Joanne Coontz that has bogged down in procedural snafus.

The recall petitions, submitted by community activists angered over Coontz's vote to fire Police Chief John R. Robertson, have twice been rejected because of procedural errors.

Carole Walters, one of the recall leaders, said the group will work until it meets the requirements or fails to collect the 8,000 signatures required before June 1 to force a recall vote.

She acknowledged that Coontz could lose the recall and still win election in November for another term as mayor.

"If it's on the ballot, people will think twice before they vote for her," Walters said.

Coontz, who termed the group "a small band of radicals," said she is forging ahead with her reelection campaign.

"I'm busy doing what needs to be done on a number of projects important to the community," she said. "I'm just moving ahead. We're a very busy city."

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