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City to Establish Sites for Motor Oil Collection

April 01, 1998

The city has received a $70,678 grant from the California Integrated Waste Management Board to set up used motor oil collection sites.

The grant was one of 30 totaling $7.8 million given to cities and counties around the state to collect and recycle oil, said board spokesman Eric Lamoureux.

Los Angeles County received $24,380 to install floor-mounted signs in gas stations and auto parts stores that warn consumers against illegal oil disposal, Lamoureux said.

The grants are paid through the Used Oil Recycling Fund, which collects a 16-cent fee on each gallon of motor oil sold in California.

"Used oil is the single largest hazardous waste generated in California," said Waste Board Chairman Daniel G. Pennington. "An estimated 25 million gallons of used motor oil are unaccounted for each year, much of which is poured onto the ground, down storm drains or dumped into landfills."

A single gallon of motor oil poured down a storm drain has the potential to contaminate 1 million gallons of water, Pennington said.

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