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The Near Monty

Law Suits, Then Legal Briefs to Be Aired as O.C. Judges Get Behind 'Law Revue'

April 02, 1998

When a judge disrobes, breakaway pants usually aren't involved. But then, it's "Law Revue" time, and that means local judges, lawyers and other legal types step out of their traditional roles and give it up for a good cause.

Take a look at these court briefs:

In a takeoff on the Oscar-nominated British film "The Full Monty," judges and court commissioners will strut and partially strip for everybody's, uh, delight.

"Law Revue '98," a musical variety show at the Irvine Barclay Theatre on Friday, benefits the Orange County Bar Foundation, which supports programs for first-time juvenile offenders and their families.

Superior Court Judge David H. Brickner of Tustin is a "Law Revue" veteran. Did he have second thoughts about participating this time?

"You mean before I had my third and fourth thoughts?" he asks.

Right. Your favorite part, your honor?

"The segment in which we pretend to audition," he says. "The audience should pick up on the fact that we're struggling, and heaven help us, because there's not a lot of talent out there. The first two guys do a little dance, and they're good. The third guy is awful, and everyone just has to hold their noses."

Uh-huh. And which one are you?

"I'm the klutz."

Any special preparation, Judge?

"I'm just being myself."

Such honesty. And he could have taken the Fifth.

Tickets are $30. (714) 854-4646.

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