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Directors Approve Plans for a Taller Surrounding Wall

April 03, 1998|JOHN CANALIS

A taller, stronger wall soon will surround Rossmoor.

Community directors approved final plans Wednesday to rebuild the damaged icon that spans nearly a mile along Los Alamitos Boulevard and distinguishes the unincorporated county enclave from neighboring communities.

Workers will tear down the wall and put up cement blocks, and then attach the original red bricks. The blocks will provide seismic strength needed to keep more bricks from falling or leaning further, officials said. The bricks will also preserve the wall's classic look.

"We want to save the same ambience and same appearance of the existing wall," said Russell Lightcap, project manager, who lives in Rossmoor.

The new 7-foot wall will be 2 feet taller than the old. One section, rebuilt after the Northridge earthquake, already is 7 feet high and will not be redone.

Repairs will cost about $1 million from a special tax fund. Homeowners will pay $24 a year for 20 years to pay for the work.

Since the county retains ultimate authority over the 11,000-resident community, the Board of Supervisors will consider the plans April 7. If the plan is approved as expected, work will begin in July and be completed by January.

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