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2 Santa Barbarans Join KCLU Board

April 03, 1998|JOEL P. ENGARDIO

Two Santa Barbara business leaders were named to the advisory board of Ventura County's public radio station, six weeks after KCLU-FM (88.3) expanded its broadcast to Santa Barbara County.

Joining the 16-member board are Harry Gelles, managing director of corporate finance for Cruttenden Roth, and Frank Magid, chief executive officer of media research company Frank Magid Associates.

The announcement comes in the middle of the station's spring fund-raising drive, which has brought a surprising number of donations from the new listeners in Santa Barbara, where it broadcasts on 102.3 FM.

"I'm absolutely floored by how much they've come through for us," said Mary Olson, general manager of the station, which is operated by Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. "Normally, people have to listen a lot longer than a few days or weeks before they give you money. It takes a while to feel a sense of ownership, but Santa Barbara is eager to have public radio."

Olson said she began her board member search about six months ago, looking specifically for Santa Barbara candidates to coincide with the station's expansion north.

"It was a very deliberate move and we were lucky to find Harry and Frank," Olson said. "They understand the market well and, most importantly, are avid NPR listeners and supporters. It's critical to have board members who are passionate about public radio."

Olson said the board is responsible for creating policy and overseeing fund-raising. KCLU specializes in jazz music and carries National Public Radio news broadcasts like "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered."

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