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Laugh Lines

Pint-Sized Punch Lines

April 03, 1998

* What does the tooth fairy put under a shark's pillow after he loses a tooth? A sand dollar! (Alex Parret, 7, Irvine, Bonita Canyon School)

* What is the computer's favorite pet? Its mouse. (Sidney Tinberg, 9, Los Angeles, WAL School)

* Why do turtles have short necks? Because their head is close to their body. (Christina Der Sarkissian, 8, Glendale, Chamlian Armenian School)

* Did you hear about the crisis at my house? My virtual pet ran out into the Information Super Highway and got run over by an e-mail truck! (Sean Kilgore-Han, 9, Los Angeles, Lycee Francais)

* What do you call a dog with sharp teeth and rabies that is ready to attack you? Don't call it anything, just run! (Yasmine Tomlinson, 9, Newport Beach, Lincoln Elementary)


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