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English Rose


In memory of the late Princess of Wales, Slatkin & Co. has created the Diana candle. The candle features a frosted glass jar bearing the late princess' personal crest, a crown over the letter D.

The gold lid displays the logo of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, whose design was approved by her sons, princes William and Harry.

The box's exterior is a close-up photograph of soft pink English garden roses, a Diana favorite.

A portion of the sales of each candle (3 1/2 inches high, $25) goes to the fund's charities. It is available this month at Neiman Marcus in Fashion Island Newport Beach or by calling (888) 443-5866.

On the Border

Village's new wall decorations won't leave you stuck with a pattern forever.

Easy Ups Big Borders are washable and self-adhesive and don't leave residue on the wall.

"We made the borders as tall as the average 6-year-old so that a child could become absorbed and enchanted by the illustrations," says Elinor Shebar, Village's vice president of design. "The borders can be used either to ring a room with color and pattern or as a child-height mural on one wall."

The borders ($40) are 37 inches tall and come in 15-foot-long rolls. The patterns include Aquarium, which features bold marine life; In the Jungle, with big cats, parrots, zebra, monkeys and giraffes; Big Circus, which has clowns and acrobats; Big Teddy and Stars, which features bears riding balloons and cradled on moons; and Space 2000, which illustrates astronaut explorers.

Easy Ups Wall Appliques (about $15 per package) have the no-residue adhesive that lets you rearrange them as often as you like. They are also washable and nontoxic.

Among the motifs are Crayola's, school tools and the Coca-Cola polar bears. For sports fans, there are some NFL teams and NASCAR logos.

For more information on the nearest retailer, call (800) 552-9255 or visit Village's Web site at

The Smoothie

When you're pressed for time, T-Fal's Profile irons can take the chore out of getting the wrinkles out.

The irons are engineered with vertical steam modes that burst as much as 50 grams per minute--ideal levels for steaming shirts and suits as well as silk and other delicate fabrics.

The diamond-shaped soleplate is designed for fast, friction-free ironing. The irons are scratch-resistant, so they can go over pins, zippers and buttons.

Each iron features a three-way safety shut-off system, which engages after the irons are idle on their heel for eight minutes, in the flat ironing position for 30 seconds or if tipped on their sides.

There are two models in the series. The Profile 70 is about $70 and the Profile 80, which has the added anti-drip function to protect fabric, is about $80.

The irons are available at most department and discount stores.

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