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Laugh Lines

Pint-Sized Punch Lines

April 06, 1998

* What does a detective wear on a rainy day? A drench coat. (Samantha Branel, 7, Orange, Chapman Hills Elementary)

* First boy: "Wow! It's a run-home!"

Second boy: "You mean a home-run."

First boy: "No, I mean a run-home. You just hit the ball through the neighbor's window!" (Eric Bennett, 10, Ventura, Saticoy School)

* Why did the boy put the Band-Aids in the refrigerator? Because they were having cold cuts for dinner! (Danny Presant, 10, Los Angeles, Roscomare Elementary)

* Why did the hairdresser go to the Olympics? To watch the curling. (Bernice Marmel, 9, Winnipeg, Canada, Seven Oaks School)

* What has one horn and gives milk? A milk delivery truck. (Allison Marmel, 6, Winnipeg, Canada, Shore Early Years Hebrew School)

* What do fish hold their money in? Octopurses! (Hanna Seifert, 9, Los Angeles, Roscomare Elementary)

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