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/ Denise Gellene

Burger May Be More Enticing Than the Ads

April 09, 1998|Denise Gellene

Advertiser: Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers

Agency: Fuller Group, Los Angeles

Challenge: Build awareness for Tommy's among young men, the largest consumers of fast food.

The Ads: In three radio spots, two friends, Chuck and Todd, drop what they are doing to get a chili burger at Tommy's. In one ad, Chuck drags Todd away from his girlfriend Brenda to make a Tommy's run. "I gotta go feed my neighbor's monkey," Todd explains to Brenda. In another ad, Chuck's father explains that as a youth, he went to Tommy's with his "homies." The boys put up with Chuck's dad's remarks because, as Chuck explains, "He's buying."

Comment: Each ad has a detailed description of a Tommy's chili burger. That may entice listeners. Chuck and Todd's witless banter won't. $$


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