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April 10, 1998

This chart tracks video sales--alternating weekly among an overall view of the market and profiles of individual segments. Sales data include mass merchandisers and retailers but not most discount outlets.

Quartely sales, in millions of units

1998: 1st quarter: 62 million

Overall Top 10 Companies

Year-to-date share of video sales market through Dec. 28 and current top-selling video for each company.:

Company: Disney

Market Share: 22.1%

Current best-seller: Peter Pan


Company: Warner Home Video*

Market Share: 17.6%

Current best-seller: Selena


Company: Fox

Market Share: 10.0%

Current best-seller: Ferngully 2


Company: Columbia

Market Share: 9.8%

Current best-seller: Air Force One


Company: Universal Home Video

Market Share: 8.9%

Current best-seller: The Chipmunk Adventure


Company: Paramount Home Video

Market Share: 8.4%

Current best-seller: Grease


Company: Anchor Bay

Market Share: 2.9%

Current best-seller: Evil Dead 2


Company: SonyMusic /Sony Wonder

Market Share: 2.9%

Current best-seller: Here Comes Peter Cottontail


Company: Live Home Entertainment

Market Share: 2.3%

Current best-seller: Platoon


Company: Lyon's Group

Market Share: 2.2%

Current best-seller: Barney in Outer Space

*Includes MGM, HBO, Tuner, New Line and Warner Vision

Source: VideoScan

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