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Fund-Raiser for Pets Braves Stormy Weather

April 12, 1998|DAWN HOBBS

The rain let up just long enough Saturday morning for a mile-long walkathon along Ventura's Promenade to raise money for homeless pets.

Although gusty winds and threatening clouds kept most of the expected walkers and dogs from Concerned People for Animals at home, 10 members, clad in rain gear and with pets in tow, braved the storm.

"We want to get the message out about who we are and what we do," said President Richard Skinner. "Most of the funds raised from this walk will be used to put an end to euthanasia--primarily for spaying and neutering, which is the only effective means to that end."

Skinner estimated that the walkathon would raise nearly $3,000.

The nonprofit group, founded in 1992, provides foster care for dogs and cats until they are adopted and offers a spay/neuter program to assist those who cannot afford to have their pets sterilized.

Last year, the organization helped about 250 people get their dogs or cats sterilized.

The organization also has 15 to 20 people who care for dogs and cats in their homes until they can find permanent placements through adoption clinics at PetSmart in Oxnard and Petco in Camarillo.

The annual walk was organized four years ago in memory of animal rights activist Dorothy Done, who died at 68.

"When she passed away unexpectedly, we tried to find some way to honor her name," said Clark Done, who founded Concerned People for Animals with his wife. "This walk is symbolic of her work but also a fund-raiser, because everything we do is volunteer, including time and money and effort."

Dorothy Done delved into animal welfare in 1986 and become most well known for her efforts in Sacramento to outlaw experiments on animals for cosmetic and household products.

For information on volunteering or adoption, call 482-6587.

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