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Mobile Matters

April 16, 1998

Mobile-home ownership in the U.S. is on the rise, with about 29% of new single-family homes sold being of the mobile variety, according to a recent survey. Highlights of the survey, in which about 23,000 mobile-home owners were interviewed:

* About 83% of today's mobile-home owners have a high school diploma; 46% have attended college.

* More than 55% said they plan to keep their current mobile home.

* Average age for the head of a mobile-home household is 52.8, up from 50.8 in 1990.

* Mobile-home owners' favorite publications are Reader's Digest and Family Circle, with the Discovery Network and Turner Broadcasting System listed as the most-watched TV networks.

Source: Foremost Insurance

Researched by JENNIFER OLDHAM / Los Angeles Times

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