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April 16, 1998

I have heard rumors in the amusement industry about the new Six Flags ad campaign, and I read your review (March 26) with interest. I have a couple of observations for you to consider:

First, it appears that Six Flags' ad campaign is giving up the family audience by targeting only 12- to 24-year-old thrill-seekers. Families with young children may take their discretionary dollars elsewhere.

Second and most importantly, the Six Flags ad featuring a dwarf using high-heeled shoes to circumvent a ride's height and safety standards is doing a disservice to the amusement industry. Park operators have invested heavily in developing training and enforcing safety standards--including height requirements.

This spot will endorse breaking rules that are meant to protect guests from injuries to themselves, other guests and park staff. When we say, "You must be 52 inches tall to ride," it's for a very good reason--safety.


Cedar Point public relations coordinator

Cedar Point is an Ohio-based amusement park whose parent, Cedar Fair, recently acquired Knott's Berry Farm.


Reading the Business section on a daily basis, and being a devotee of commercials, I find the Sun Microsystems commercials distasteful. My grandson wanted to know if we had to go out and rob a bank in order to make my computer better. And the distasteful way in which they picture the distinguished members of the United Nations is totally unacceptable. To picture them as stone-faced and speaking gibberish is an insult to their intelligence.


Long Beach

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