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Laugh Line

Pint-Sized Punch Lines

April 16, 1998

What do you call a knife that cuts four loaves of bread at one time? A four-loaf cleaver. (Hannah Terrill, 12, Monrovia, Clifton Middle School)

* What is hot chocolate's favorite restaurant? Coco's. (Serenity K. Lee, 7, Los Angeles, St. Bernadette Elementary)

* What do you think of when you see a cow walking behind a line of ducks? Quackers and milk. (Lauren and Ellen Evanow, 8 and 5, San Pedro, Holy Trinity School)

* What is orange and black and red all over? A tiger with chicken pox. (Ashkan Paykar, 8, Beverly Hills, Horace Mann School)

* What type of cheese is too loud? Scream cheese. (Garrett Daniels, 11, Redondo Beach, Alta Vista School)

* What is the biggest pepper in the world? Pepperdine University. (Wyatt Mills, 7, Malibu, home schooled)

* SEND US A LINE: Kids, got a joke? Send it to Pint-Sized Punch Lines by fax, (213) 237-0732, or mail, Life & Style, Los Angeles Times, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles, CA 90053. Include your full name, age, hometown and school.

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