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VALLEY FOCUS | Panorama City

Job Fair Attracts Hundreds to Mall

April 17, 1998|ERIC RIMBERT

In two years, Cicero Belcher, 42, hasn't found a job.

He left his previous one at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to tend to his dying parents in Chicago. When he returned to North Hollywood with no college degree and no references, his job search was difficult.

He went through newspaper want ads without any luck and cold calling businesses didn't work either.

"I'll tell you what I want," Belcher said.

"A job."

To assist people such as Belcher find work, the United Community Job Fair, sponsored by several local social service agencies and politicians, was held Thursday at Panorama Mall. The event attracted 65 employers and hundreds of applicants.

Many of the participants were people on welfare who, as of April 1, are required to make a job search to keep their benefits.

Kathy Marx, a job counselor with the Greater Avenues for Independence program, said she hoped the event would give people information on employment opportunities in the area.

"This city is so vast that it's a job getting a job," Marx said. "Hopefully, bringing all of these employers together will pay off."

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