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Hebert, Leeth Are Bitten by More Than Baseball Bug

April 18, 1998

Bug bites and baseball players don't go together, as Agoura's B.J. Hebert and St. Bonaventure's Matt Leeth recently discovered.

Leeth was recently hospitalized for six days when a bug bite caused him to have headaches, a fever and a rash over his entire body, St. Bonaventure Coach Dennis Johnson said.

Leeth was released Sunday and Johnson said he hopes to have the junior outfielder back in the lineup Monday.

Hebert knew he was allergic to spider bites but until collapsing in the dugout last week at a Las Vegas tournament game, he was unaware he had suffered a potentially lethal bite from a Brown Recluse spider.

Doctors diagnosed the bite and released Hebert the same day, Charger Coach Bruce Beck said.

Hebert, a a senior infielder who had just come off his best stretch of the season with five hits in two games, played this week.

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