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Child Support Computer Errors

April 19, 1998

Re "Net to Snag Deadbeats Also Snares Innocent," April 12:

Despite being chastised by the appellate court for failing to seek justice, Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Gil Garcetti invokes "finality" over "common sense."

His approach of liability by "computer dating," assembly-line judgment based on coincidence and technicality, and the ultimate ends-justifying-means rationalization flies in the face of due processes and fairness.

It seems that the district attorney is more intent on putting up good numbers than dedicated to doing what is just.



It was heartwarming to see your April 10 (Valley edition) article on Garcetti's press conference, showing two women receiving checks for back payments of child support. It would be more heartwarming if Garcetti would call a press conference and admit that there are hundreds of thousands of open cases where "deadbeat dads" have been accused unjustly of nonpayment of child support.

These men have had licenses revoked, IRS returns confiscated, salaries garnished and have been hounded by Garcetti's office.

In my son's case, he found he was a deadbeat dad because he didn't receive a tax refund check. He contacted the IRS and only then was he told it had been taken by the district attorney's office. That was his first clue.

He has proved he has never missed a payment. He has given his ex-wife's name and address to the district attorney's office, since his wife defrauded L.A. County by collecting welfare, but this is apparently too much trouble to track down.

RITA ANABELL, Santa Clarita

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