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CSUN Center Adds More Day Courses

April 24, 1998|FRED ALVAREZ

Students at the Ventura campus of Cal State Northridge soon will be able to complete their degrees during the day, thanks to expanded course offerings at the satellite center.

Starting this fall, undergraduate students in the liberal studies, psychology and sociology majors will be able to take advantage of the new day courses.

Some day courses have been offered before, but students have needed to complete the bulk of their course work in the evenings.

"We expect to add to this list of daytime degrees in the semesters ahead," said Steve Lefevre, director of the local campus. "We are also planning to widen the availability of support services--everything from increased library hours to academic and financial aid advising."

The daytime courses were added in response to the needs of full-time students transferring from local community colleges, Lefevre said. They also are designed for students who work nights or need to attend classes while their children are in school.

"This new daytime program will permit us to serve a new population of students who can attend on a more traditional schedule," Lefevre said. "It represents a first step in the development of a much broader range of curriculum options for students at the Ventura campus."

For more information on the daytime courses, call CSUN's Ventura campus at 654-4575.

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