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Forget the obvious, it's time to view Corona del Mar's hidden jewel--a 16-block area with 46 shops, galleries and designers appealing to a wide range of tastes.


Do you know where you can find scores of decorator shops in a 16-block stretch of street that also contains more than a dozen restaurants, a public park and a botanical garden?

This slice of home decor paradise is on East Coast Highway in Corona del Mar, between Begonia Avenue on the west and Hazel Drive on the east.

The 46 shops, galleries and designers cater to a range of tastes and budgets--postmodern light fixtures to Italian terra cottas and European antiques.

"Twenty years ago, we were a few rug shops, a couple of designers and some places like Newport Floor Coverings and the Hearthstone," said Luvena Hayton, who's lived and worked in Corona del Mar for more than four decades.

Hayton, a former president of the local Chamber of Commerce, says the current boom began more than two years ago with the diverse development of tract homes and custom ocean-view homes on million-dollar lots in Newport Coast, unincorporated land between Corona del Mar and Laguna Beach. She believes it's also being fed by the Irvine Co.'s nearby development of Bonita Canyon.

"The real advantage of shopping in Corona del Mar is that this is still a little town," she said. "When people come here they have a nice experience."

This concentration of designer and decor shops can't be found elsewhere in Orange County. There are antique stores in Orange's historical downtown plaza, and tile and flooring stores on State College Boulevard in Anaheim, but neither place offers the same wide variety.

In visiting Corona del Mar, it helps to know that the streets all have flower names and are laid out roughly alphabetically beginning on the Fashion Island side and moving toward Laguna Beach. Some letters aren't represented; some are used more than once. And the last street is Hazel Drive, which follows Poppy Avenue.

For additional information, contact the Corona del Mar Chamber of Commerce at 2845 E. Coast Highway, (949) 673-4050.


The following sampling of city shops, galleries and studios are listed by their cross streets, beginning on the inland side of East Coast Highway, moving from west to east. Those with a * have off-street parking behind the store:


* Bastideaux Home Collection. Traditional furniture and accessories. 2600-C E. Coast Highway, (949) 640-1233. *

* The X Gallery. Contemporary furniture and accessories. 2612 E. Coast Highway, (949) 640-8666.

* J. Nicolas. Architectural hardware and tapestry. 2640 E. Coast Highway, (949) 644-5543. *


* Jan Turner Hering, ISID. Interior design showroom. 2712 E. Coast Highway, (949) 640-6512. *

* David Riley Design. Ceramic and stone concepts. 2720 E. Coast Highway, (949) 760-6901. *


* Pacific Coast Audio-Video. Television, video and sound systems. 2816 E. Coast Highway, (949) 640-5093.

* Campagna. Country-style furniture and accessories. 2846 E. Coast Highway, (949) 759-6655. *

* The Urban Gardener. Indoor and outdoor accessories. 2852 E. Coast Highway, (949) 640-6972.

* Just Graphics. Frames for fine art. 2854 E. Coast Highway, (949) 720-1850.


* Sofa Direct. Custom upholstery and reupholstery. 2900 E. Coast Highway, (949) 759-9268. *

* Acanthus Gallery. Traditional accessories and antique prints. 2908 E. Coast Highway, (949) 640-1470.

* Pine Trader. Country antiques. 2912 E. Coast Highway, (949) 759-3665.


* Gene Zettle Interiors. Interior design showroom. 3030 E. Coast Highway, (949) 644-5322.

* Simply Heaven. Small accessories and gifts. 3032 E. Coast Highway, (949) 760-9087.


* Zachariah. Eclectic indoor and outdoor cottage furnishings. 3222 E. Coast Highway, (949) 719-2911.


* Newport Floor Coverings. Flooring, area rugs and wall coverings. 3500 E. Coast Highway, (949) 675-1636. *


* Chuck Jones Showroom. Animation art. 3636 E. Coast Highway, (949) 723-1900. *


* Halloran & Sons Antiques Ltd. Antique furniture and accessories. 3800 E. Coast Highway, (949) 675-2583. *


On the ocean side of East Coast Highway there are more shops:


* H.M. McKissock. Consignments of fine furniture and accessories. 2411 E. Coast Highway, (949) 723-4222. *

* Orient Handel. New and used rugs; repairs and cleaning. 2421 E. Coast Highway, (949) 673-2224. *


* La Vie en Rose. Consignments of decorative arts and antiques. 2515 E. Coast Highway, No. 1, (949) 723-6088. *

* Knock It Off. Designer furniture knockoffs. 2515 E. Coast Highway, No. 5, (949) 675-9385. *

* D&G Antiques & Restoration. Fine arts and accessories. 2515 E. Coast Highway, No. 7, (949) 675-9518. *

* Leyla's Picture Framing. Frames for fine art. 2515 E. Coast Highway, No. 9, (949) 673-6576. *


* Sherman Library and Gardens Gift Shop. Indoor and outdoor accessories and gifts. 2647 E. Coast Highway, (949) 673-2261. *


* The Hearthstone. Brassware and fireplace accessories. 2711-A E. Coast Highway, (949) 673-7065. *

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