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Traffic Light Buttons

April 26, 1998

Re "Traffic Light Buttons for Equestrians Urged," April 21.

What century are we living in? After reading the concern expressed by Thousand Oaks City Councilwoman Linda Parks for the local equestrian community I had to check my calendar.

A bond measure to refurbish schools was just defeated. The person who murdered a local bank employee more than a year ago is still at large. The city of Thousand Oaks stands a good chance of being sued by the federal government because of the way it handles waste water.

And now Councilwoman Parks wants to throw our tax dollars at some make-work boondoggle so horse owners can cross the street with greater convenience.

One can only wonder what portion of the city's revenues are planned for this worthy project and what percentage of the population will benefit.


Thousand Oaks

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