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Brogan's 'Good Taste' Is Far From Squeaky Clean

April 26, 1998

I'd not be surprised if "Jay Leno's Alter Ego" (by Roy Rivenburg, Feb. 22), profiling Jay Leno's comedy consultant, Jim Brogan, was written long before President Clinton's alleged dalliances came to light. Either that or Brogan has been on a long vacation.

Whoever was keeping Leno's jokes "in good taste and sniffing out offensive gags and dicey sexual humor" seems to have fallen asleep on his watch. There have been more crude jokes and nonstop cheap laughs--with audible audience winces--in the host's monologues lately than I've ever heard anywhere. And I don't even like Bill Clinton.

Enough is enough! Wake up, Jim Brogan, and get back on the job.

Patti Garrity

Manhattan Beach


Aha! I had always wondered whether Leno was to blame for the frat-boy-heavy, anti-female nature of his monologue jokes, but I see that the culpability should be shared.

For all their smarts, these people don't seem to understand that comedy has changed. Sexist jokes only make these writers seem out of date.

Tammy Shaw

Sherman Oaks

If Brogan is there to "avoid displays of questionable taste," how come Leno made jokes about the soon-to-be-executed Karla Faye Tucker?

Bob Hutton


Just call Brogan "Mr. Clean." In this day of obscene, perverted and profane comedy, it's refreshing to find someone who believes in naturally funny sanitized humor that doesn't need off-color gimmicks to draw laughs.

Kenneth L. Zimmerman

Huntington Beach

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