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A Column About Violence That Just Might Save Lives

April 26, 1998

A round of applause for Patt Morrison's "Cruelty's Starting Point: Animal Abuse" (SoCal P.O.V., Feb. 22). Working for the Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence has educated me about the relationship between mistreated animals and domestic violence and sexual abuse, but the connection is rarely mentioned in the media. I hope that after reading the column, readers who see their significant other being cruel to animals will take it as a big red flag of warning.

Morrison's column may save lives.

Angela Lawson



Kudos to Deputy City Atty. Bob Ferber! His enlightened attitude about the importance of prosecuting animal abusers is welcome, and long overdue. If others in his profession were to follow suit, we would undoubtedly begin to see a significant reduction in violent crime across the country. His example should be followed in all 50 states.

Morrison explained clearly why Ferber's approach to prosecution makes good sense. Teaching compassion for all beings, human or otherwise, is the only way we will ever learn to treat one another with decency.

Rae Lyon


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