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I Hear They're Hiring Down at the Queen Mary

April 27, 1998

Feeling a little burned out at work lately? Been thinking it's time to move on? You're in luck. The CCC Technical Career Convention is coming to Long Beach this week.

High-tech professionals will meet firms hiring in such fields as hardware and software engineering, networking, data and telecommunications, programming and the Internet.

The day will start off with a seminar titled "How to Make the Most of a Career Conference."

For more information about the Technical Career Convention, which is Tuesday at the Queen Mary, call (800) 562-7469 or go to

* Electronic Mall: The fourth annual Internet & Electronic Commerce Conference and Exposition is taking place today through Wednesday in New York.

In addition to seeing what's new with more than 200 e-commerce vendors, visitors can take part in workshops and seminars from AT&T, IBM, InternetWeek, MasterCard, UUNet and other masters or purveyors of digital commerce. Industry heavyweights on tap for the keynote session include Dell Computer's Michael S. Dell, Steve Forbes and CNet's Halsey Minor.

Participants can have their Web sites critiqued at WebCheck, a learning center where designers and marketers will offer tips.

For more information, call (203) 256-4700 or check out


* The Other Leonardo: Leonardo da Vinci died this week in 1519. You can take a virtual tour of the artist-inventor-scientist's hometown of Vinci at The site has a map of the city, its history, biographical notes about Leonardo, the Leonardo da Vinci Museum and the Leonardo Library. You can visit the Louvre, home of Leonardo's most famous painting, the "Mona Lisa," at The Museum of Science site has a whole section on Leonardo at, with an inventor's workshop and lots of classroom activities.

* Salute to Science: Speaking of science, we're at the beginning of National Science and Technology Week. The National Science Foundation has a page on its site (http://www with teaching activities and other resources related to the special week, in addition to its standard info on such program areas as biology, computer and information sciences, engineering, and social and behavioral sciences. While online, head over to the federal Office of Science and Technology to read about its publications, policies, programs and related departments. The OST site is at

* Roses for Fido?: Animal lovers unite. Sunday starts National Be Kind to Animals Week. In honor of it, why not take a look at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Web site ( It has info about pet care and adoption, education and training, and issues and advocacy. The site for the L.A. SPCA is at http

://, where you'll get a local angle on many of those same issues. If you're having trouble finding a veterinarian, check out the American Pet Assn. (http://, which has a vet finder, pet-care forum and a list of other humane agencies.

* Pollution Watch: The EDF Chemical Scorecard recently launched, offering visitors information on the health effects of polluting chemicals. The site also has pollution rankings for 17,000 facilities, 2,000 counties and every state. Point your browser to http://

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