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April 29, 1998|MIKE PENNER

What: Del Harris Web site.


What, Del Harris thin-skinned?

You'd never guess it by logging on to his new Web site, the one recently touted on NBC during the Lakers' regular-season finale against Utah, the one that features a warm welcome to all from Harris, who advises that he will "address some of the recurring questions in a general sense that are brought to me by the more reasonable visitors. Mean-spirited writers will have no chance, basically."


Who, Harris, who offers these observations on the following Laker-oriented themes:

* Shaquille O'Neal: "Shaq probably will not win MVP consideration this year. The media has already ordained Jordan and followed him up with Malone. Both are great players and are deserving of the reward. But so is Shaq. However, because he was injured and missed 22 games, he is penalized by the media by being omitted from any consideration."

* Robert Horry, "the Lakers' Jr. MVP": "Robert started off slowly this season in terms of his shooting and the national media and talk-show hosts criticized him greatly. Of course, they have not bothered to correct themselves."

* Not starting Nick Van Exel: "Nick feels more comfortable coming off the bench and said prior to our game with Phoenix on the 19th of April that he wanted to continue to do it the rest of the year, so we have determined that we will continue with that."

If you come to praise Harris and sign what amounts to a virtual petition to Jerry Buss to keep him on as Laker coach, you may be allowed to have your e-mail missive posted on the Web site. A typical posting:

"You have proven yourself to be a great coach, and you are exactly the leader this team needs. Don't let the press get you down, Del. No one is more qualified to coach the Lakers than you."

Amazing, and amusing, that this one slipped past the censor's wary eyes:

"You better beat the damn Blazers or I'm gonna be #&%#"

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