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Pop Underwear With an Attitude

December 11, 1998|BOOTH MOORE

"The Underoos generation never really disappeared. It just grew up," says David Cohen, creator and president of the New York-based underwear line Undergirl.

The "supa-soft" cotton spandex collection includes camisoles, bikinis, tap pants and thongs in patterns guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face--except maybe your father's.

For instance, you can go to the "Head of the Class" in a camisole covered in composition-book speckles, shake your "cyberbooty" in panties decorated with digital dots, or make a special delivery in a pair of "U.S. Femail" tap pants. The mesh "tattush" collection is inspired by tattoos.

Cohen created Undergirl with the skater/surfer/club girl in mind. The patterns he lifted from pop culture.

"My influences are cartoons, comic books and low-brow John Waters-type movies. All of the designs are slightly offensive, but to the right people."

For information, call (212) 683-RUMP or log on to

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