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NovaStor, Siemens Offer Online Data Backup


Companies that depend on computers for data storage often run the risk of losing critical information when a disaster strikes the corporate office. Threat of fire, earthquake, theft or other calamity can cause concern for both employers and employees.

Simi Valley-based NovaStor Corp. and the Siemens company are working to alleviate some of that anxiety.

Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems has selected NovaStor to supply the online data backup software it will market to communications and cable service providers.

The software, NovaNet-WEB, will be included in the Siemens CyberShuttle package, which will allow Siemens' clients to provide corporate customers off-site backup and recovery services.

"CyberShuttle basically is the hardware, software and services needed to get competitive local exchange telephone companies into the business of allowing backup to customers," said Brian Dickman, director of business development for NovaStor.

"Business customers will have the opportunity to back up data off site to a secure location maintained by the telephone company," he said. "Most large companies have spent large amounts of money protecting information on their servers. A lot of smaller companies lack that ability."

NovaStor's agreement with Siemens comes at the same time the company has formed an alliance with Compaq Computer, providing the software for the computer company's Internet backup service.

The company has also signed an agreement to provide the backup software to remote-access hardware packages manufactured by Ariel Corp. to be sold to Internet service providers.

Dickman said the agreements with Siemens, Compaq and Ariel are part of NovaStor's long-term effort to increase its presence in the Internet and communications network markets.

"With our ability to partner with large companies, we can get our product out to people faster and continue to develop our software to the higher standards of the customer base we are working with," Dickman said. "The more Siemens and Compaq sell to their customers, the more they buy from us."

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