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Up at 4 a.m. to Pray for World Peace

December 26, 1998|REGINA HONG

Two Orange County churches will bid farewell to 1998 with predawn celebrations dedicated to world peace.

Members of the Churches of Religious Science in Seal Beach and Huntington Beach will join others around the world by gathering at 4 a.m. Thursday--that's noon Greenwich mean time--to observe World Healing Day, also known as Peace Meditation Day.

The event allows people of all denominations to pray and meditate simultaneously for everlasting peace, said the Rev. Martie Clark of the Seal Beach church, 500 Marina Drive.

"We all agree we love it once we get there, but getting up is tough," Clark acknowledged with a laugh. Her church welcomes people of all denominations to join the hourlong service.

The Huntington Beach church also invites "people of all religions and humanistic ideals" to gather in its sanctuary at 7641 Talbert Ave.

"The observance will include meditation, prayer and music as we gather to express love, joy and light," event organizer Madelyn Fielding said.

The annual event began in 1986.

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