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It's a Big Deal for Clippers : There Are No Slam Dunks in the Flurry of NBA Deals

February 20, 1998|MARK HEISLER

* Phoenix sends Cedric Ceballos to Dallas for Dennis Scott.

Ceballos' career went down in Lake Havasu with all hands aboard. Since his famous boat trip, he has been traded by the Lakers, warmed the bench in Phoenix and now goes to the Mavericks, who are too bad to be fussy. With playing time, he could go back to scoring his 20 a game.

He and Scott will both be free agents. Scott might be headed to the Lakers, to be reunited with his buddy, Shaquille O'Neal--if he'll play for the minimum.

* Miami sends Isaac Austin, Charles Smith and a No. 1 pick to the Clippers for Brent Barry.

Barry's agent, Arn Tellem, made it plain Brent would leave, leaving the Clippers, once more, looking down the barrel of the cannon.

Austin would be great, except he'll not only be a free agent but the most coveted big man on the market. He has said he'd love to go to Utah, where he broke in, or Phoenix. The Clippers have never retained a free agent in such demand, or one in any demand, so they had better enjoy him while they have him.

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